Tuesday 30 October 2012

Halloween Cocktails: "A Nightmare On Juniper Street" by Shea Hogan

We're almost there. I've seen basically every haunted house in not only Vancouver, but Surrey and Chilliwack. I've done every haunted and murder tour. The lady and I planned out our schedule of horror movies for Wednesday night already and I have mulling spices steeping in cider in my fridge. I have a nice collection of Halloween drinks to make now, thanks to this month's contributors, and Shea Hogan has given me the most festive of all that we've seen so far, inspired by Wes Craven's best film (though the original "The Hills Have Eyes" and "Last House On The Left" are stiff competition).

You can currently catch Shea at Clough Club and Bitter Tasting Room in Gastown, and also West on south Granville. (Go for Clough Club Sunday brunch, it's hearty and affordable, and get Shea to mix some original cocktails for you).

A Nightmare On Juniper Street

1.75oz gin
1oz blood orange juice (moro type)
0.75 oz creme de cassis
0.5oz lime juice

Shake, double-strain into a coupe glass. 
Garnish with fresh lemongrass shards pierced into a cut strawberry to look like Freddy Krueger's hand - use imagination.
If blood oranges are not in season, use small Valencia oranges and a couple drops of red food-coloring.

For gin, Shea used Beefeater 24. To suit the name, I'd avoid gins with less juniper flavour, like Hendrick's, Victoria, Aviation, etc. 

This drink is a fantastic breakfast/brunch drink because it's so citrus-y and refreshing. It also makes a marvelous Halloween cocktail should you take to the time to make the garnish.

Happy Halloween!

[[Photo by Shea Hogan]]

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