Monday 9 July 2012

Bittered Sling Extracts: Jay Jones at Shangri-La

Next up is a more familiar face, one of the talented veterans at the helm of the Vancouver scene, Jay Jones at Market By Jean-Georges in the Shangri-La Hotel.
You can check out some information on the man himself plus his previous contribution to the site here (from Amaro April).

Jay sticks with his typically spirit-forward and boozy style and again uses Amaro Averna, but this time incorporates a little smoke from the very peaty Ardbeg and some spice and depth from the Moondog bitters. The cocktail comes out tasting surprisingly light and soft, very balanced, and is an excellent showcase for the Don Julio Reposado.
I'll let Jay introduce his cocktail himself:

"Debuting at Bittered Sling Bistro [the bi-monthly series at Legacy Liquor Store], "The Jaguar" was designed to embrace and resound the characteristics of Don Julio Reposado Tequila, while simultaneously pairing with Chef Jonathan Chovancek's dish of pressed pork, Mayacoba beans, smokey vegetable broth, and crispy ramps. Furthermore, the use of Bittered Sling bitters was required - the range of hand-crafted extracts being the inspiration behind the event itself.
The cocktail addresses both challenges by featuring compliments and contrasts to specific tasting notes:
Averna helps create a fuller weight on the palate, while its bitter depth creates structure an earthy tones that match the beans, vegetables, and natural personality of aged Tequila. The chocolatey tastes add a decadence to the flavour experience.
The Moondog bitters provide spicy amplification to the cocktail while showcasing the Tequila's bite and the seasoning of the dish.
A finishing mist of Ardbeg Alligator single malt Scotch binds elements with an assertive waft of smoke and char - perfect for pork - and adds savoury to compliment the sweet components of the drink.
Fresh lemon oil introduces a bright aroma to invite and trim some edge appropriately from the bolder elements.  
The cocktail is named for the indigenous animal of Mexico - the jaguar is recognized as a national symbol. The sometimes black-furred jungle cat is known for its grace and power, and has a particularly powerful jaw. In tandem with the animal's impressive fangs, it is capable of piercing an alligator's hide..."

If you are lucky enough to have both a little Don Julio and some Ardbeg sitting around (or perhaps suitable substitutions), pick up some Moondog and try this bad boy at home. Otherwise, take a trip to Market and have Jay make one for you.

The Jaguar

1.5oz Don Julio Reposado Tequila
3/4oz Amaro Averna
4 firm dashes Bittered Sling Moondog
3 mists of Ardbeg Alligator Single Malt Scotch
Lemon peel

Combine Tequila, bitters, and Averna and stir with plenty of fresh ice cubes until well-chilled. Fine-strain into a cocktail coupe. Mist the surface of the cocktail thrice with Ardbeg Alligator, then zest thoroughly with lemon peel before wiping the rim and garnishing.

[[ Photography by Jay Jones ]]

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